Stilo YA0801 Smoked medium visor




Stilo YA0801 Smoked medium visor  

Stilo YA0801 Smoked medium visor is a visor that fits the ST5 helmet series. The visor is a semi bright and semi transparent and good for cloudy weather conditions.

The visor is an anti-fog (anti-fog) and anti-scratch visor, which means it does not fog or get scratched. To preserve the anti-fog treatment on the inside of the visor, the visor should not be cleaned with water-based products. Screw set for Stilo visor is also available in colors to match the helmet or visor.

  • ST5 visors are available in a wide range of colours
  • All visors have an internal anti-fog treatment
  • They fit all ST5 helmets
  • 3mm FIA approved visor (single layer)
  • There are double glazing options for cold and wet days at the racetrack. These are called “double glaze”
  • See also our wide selection of Stilo helmets here.

Read FIA security requirements here.