Customized car livery

Custom racing car livery for teams and drivers is essential to stand out. Also it’s important for promoting partners, sponsors etc.

NJ Design create custom design on vehicle liveries for racing vehicles for all types of disciplines. We do design for Formula Cars, GT and touring cars, trucks, etc.

Design proces 

Bring your wishes into your racing car livery or give us the freedom to come up with our suggestions. The design on the car is the team’s brand outwards, and therefore it is important that there is harmony between the team and its colors and car. We create harmony between the design and proposal and incorporate all your wishes into the finished result.

Depend of the car we normally deliver the finished design from the front, both sides, rear and top. The design is developed along the way with inputs and the best result is achieved. With the result of design, we make sure that it can be used in your marketing as well as for sponsors, if its desired. We put all the files together with a description so the design is ready to be carried out in reality whatever it is made with foil or paint.

Contact us at and bring your ideas and we will return with price and delivery time.