Due to the high demand for car liveries in the sim racing world, we have started to design and develop iRacing liveries for professional teams and amateur drivers. We can do all kinds of designs, from simple to complex. Maybe you are a driver or have a team that wants to bring your car from the real world into racing as a livery, and then we also do this.

We can make all effects glossy, matte, or chrome. Color-wise, we are able to add all color nuances and get it customized with logos, patterns, numbers, etc.

iRacing offers a lot of cars, and we can design for all the models available in this game. We are known for our good customer service, and we let you be a part of the process so the result turns out as you want it.

We will guide you on how to drop the files in the correct iRacing maps, how to set up TradingPaint,and how tod upload it.

We have different price packages as listed below:

Package 1: Basic design

The basic design package includes no changes to the design. This is one custom iRacing livery with colors according to your wishes.

Price: 150 euros, including VAT.

Package 2: Pro Design

The pro design package includes changes to the design. The professional package is for amateur drivers and professional teams that have special needs. We are able to make changes to the design during the design process. In this way, you will be a part of the process, and you can come with your ideas, and we will try it to see how it works.

Let us know your budget and your needs, and we will arrange a price for you. In case you need different designs for different cars, this is also possible.

Price: Starts at 200€ including VAT