About the NJ Design

Our history

NJ Design was founded in 2008 with the interest of designing my own karting helmet. I started my career in karting in 2004, and very quickly it was clear to me that a lot of drivers had their own helmet design to stand out. Therefore, I began designing my own helmet but never had it painted as I stopped karting in 2009 due to a lack of funds. After a 3-year break with a focus on education, I missed racing, so I returned to the sport in the Formula Ford Championship and then got my first helmet painted.

With a passion for motorsport combined with my creativeness, I started in 2008 with replicas of Formula 1 drivers’ helmets. A friend told me to create a Facebook page and start doing designs for drivers, and so I did. This formed NJ Design, which stands for Nicolaj Jacobsen Design.

What NJ Design did differently when it started the business was have a fast process and give the customers the opportunity to be a part of the process and experiment with the design, trying different options with colors, styles, etc.


NJ Design is a relatively small business, but through the years it has made designs all over the world and formed a lot of strong relationships. Being presented on racetracks all over the world is a big victory and trademark for our brand, which is much appreciated. NJ Design was probably the first in Europe to focus only on helmet designs and make it a business. Our priority is to offer the highest quality, best service, fastest response time, and quickest delivery when creating new assignments.

Our partners

NJ Design cooperates with different painters in Europe. Based on the final helmet design, we send the design to one of our helmet painters, who then comes up with an offer of our helmet painters, who then comes up with an offer. After this procedure, the customer chooses for himself which painter he or she prefers. The customer is always free to choose another painter.

Apart from doing designs, we are also able to supply other racing gear such as Freem race wear, Freem team wear, Arai HelmetsBell HelmetsFM-V visors for Arai Helmets & Stand 21 HANS Devices.

Helmet Design

Our helmet designs are all custom made with the wishes from the drivers. 

Car Livery

Bring your wishes into your racing car livery or give us the freedom to come up with our suggestions. 

Freem Race Wear

Official Freem dealer in Denmark. Almost all of our products are fully customisable.

NJ Design Shop

We are suppling a wide range of products from Arai Helmet, Bell Helmets, Stand21, Freem and FM-V Visors etc.