Custom helmet designs

Helmet designs by NJ Design is made for racing drivers all over the world. NJ Design are presented with helmet designs at the highest level in motorsport from karting, formula and touring cars. Our helmet designs are all custom made with the wishes from the drivers. NJ Design has the last 10 years worked with helmet designs for all types of drivers. We also made different designs from simple to complex designs. What we think is great about helmet designs is that all helmets are unique designs that present each driver on the track.

We have made helmet designs for drivers such as: Stoffel Vandoorne, Nyck De Vries, Alex Riberas, Dries Vanthoor, Oliver James Web, Mikkel Jensen, Alessio Picariello, Christian Lundgaard, Frederik Vesti, Noah Watt, Nicolaj Møller Madsen etc. For more helmets and names you can take a look at our many Helmet Design albums from 2013-2023.

The design process to a painted helmet

Helmet design is not a common product you buy, but instead a custom-made product that you get involved with and always is part of the process. At NJ Design, we put service, customer satisfaction and professionalism at the highest priority. Through our long existence, this is a concept that has proven to work and given satisfied customers all over the world.

It starts with bringing your wishes to the design brief, which can be colors, style, name, logo locations of logos etc. Next, we will prepare a draft to which you will provide feedback.

If you have changes to the helmet design, it is important at this early stage to get the basic design in place. With our expertise and many years of experience, we will guide you in what is possible and not. We want the customer to be happy and that is why we always work with the customer’s wishes by guiding. The helmet design is first worked out on the view of the helmet seen from the side. Here you can see the basic design although there are some blind spots such as the front, top and back. Therefore, the design process at the other angles first starts when the basic design is in place.

As a result the design is now created, and the next process takes place at the front of the helmet. The same process goes on at all views again. Then the top and finally the back of the helmet is worked out.

The custom-made helmet design is now uniform, and the next process will be to get that helmet painted.

Helmet design delivery time

The process is often about 1-2 weeks and the process starts after the payment has been made.


The prices for custom helmet designs is 335 Euro. For high complex and very low complex design prices may vary. Contact us at for further questions. 


All helmet designs will be posted on social media and our website where you will be tagged, which can also add value to your profile. If you want the design to be published later due to sponsors, contracts, etc. we respect confidentiality.

Helmet paint

Helmet paint is not made by NJ Design. We collaborates with foreign painters in Europe. Therefore we ensure contact, competitive prices and fast delivery times and most importantly quality at the highest level. We control the process so that you can safely expect the design to be like the layout.

Colors on a computer and colors on paint are two different things, which can give marginal fluctuations compared to expectations. By working with the best painters in Europe who supply helmet paint for Formula 1 drivers, you can feel safe that the result will be outstanding.

Only design and not paint by NJ Design

You do not have to choose design and paint in one package from us. You can always use the painter you want to work with – We provide files for the painter to complete the design.

Delivery time

Delivery times on helmets are often 3-5 months. There may be a free time, so always ask on occasion. We also work with a rush fee if the helmet needs to be done in a very short period of time. This require a very simple design and the painter is avaiable.


Prices for helmet paint usually cost between 1200-1400 Euro + VAT. We only give a fixed price on helmet paint after we send the helmet to our painter. If you have a budget to keep within the paint, we give advice before the design process. We try to make a finished design that can stay within the budget. Since all designs are different it may be difficult to match a fixed budget 100%, but we do our best.

  • Holographic lines usually cost 100-150 Euro + VAT extra.
  • Chrome costs 367 Euro + VAT and top spoiler costs 38 Euro extra.
  • Matt / gloss effects cost 165 Euro + VAT

Paint effects

Below are the different effects we can offer such as holographic lines, pattern, chrome etc.

 Buy helmets from NJ Design

We sell racing helmets from Arai and Bell. Furthermore this includes original accessories as well as FM-V visors used for Arai helmets. Check out our webshop for more info about helmets, accessories etc.


We look forward to hear from you and hope we are going to help you for the next helmet design. Contact us on or +45 61695868.