Custom helmet designs

Helmet designs by NJ Design is made for racing drivers all over the world. NJ Design are presented with helmet designs at the highest level in motorsport from karting, formula and touring cars. Our helmet designs are all custom made with the wishes from the drivers. NJ Design has the last 10 years worked with helmet designs for all types of drivers. We also made different designs from simple to complex designs. What we think is great about helmet designs is that all helmets are unique designs that present each driver on the track.

We have made helmet designs for drivers such as: Stoffel Vandoorne, Nyck De Vries, Alex Riberas, Dries Vanthoor, Oliver James Web, Mikkel Jensen, Alessio Picariello, Christian Lundgaard, Frederik Vesti, Noah Watt, Nicolaj Møller Madsen etc. For more helmets and names you can take a look at our many Helmet Design albums from 2013-2019.

Helmet design options

Custom helmet designs can be made with normal colors, chrome colors, neon colors, vinyl effects, logos etc. Now a days there are no limited what painters can do and this has given us at NJ Design the opportunity to be even more creative the last couple of years.

Design proces 

The design proces is started with all ideas and wishes send to us and based on these information we create a design. We will first present the side view of the helmet and together we will work on the design until it is as you would like. From this proces we move on to the next helmet view as the front, then the top and to finish with the rear view.

Helmet painting

With our experience we are sure what is possible and what isn’t. When the helmet design is finished we put together all information and files for the painter. With our network to painters in Europe we can take care of this proces which will save time and be cost effective doing to our deals with painters.

Prices and payment

The price for a helmet design is 250€ + VAT (25%) based on a standard request. For very complicated designs we will add an extra fee depend on the request. All payments are made up front before the design proces starts.

We are looking forward to hear from you and hope we are going to help you for the next helmet design. Contact us on or +45 61695868.


Helmet designs made in 2019