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Stilo Helmets is a strong Italian brand and a world-wide supplier of professional motorsport helmets. In the helmet category, Stilo, you will find karting helmets, auto helmets, and rally helmets. With the incredibly wide range, you can definitely find a helmet that suits your needs and tastes. We have access to all Stilo products, so if you can’t find it here on our list, that doesn’t mean we don’t have it.

In late 2017, the FIA released a new helmet standard that will become mandatory for the 2019 season in Formula 1 and in the World Rally Championship. The new standard, called FIA 8860-2018, offers a number of improved safety features, including an increase in energy absorption, an extended range of protection for drivers, and ABP (advanced ballistic protection).

Stilo worked closely with the FIA through this process and has been the first helmet manufacturer in the world to reach this exclusive standard with the Stilo ST5FN Zero ABP 8860-2018, approved and certified by the FIA.

One of the most effective innovations introduced by the new homologation is the ABP, which was specifically designed for open race cars to further strengthen the helmet in the forehead area and replace the zylon panel that remained in F1, F2, GP3, and Indycar until 2019.

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