Stilo Venti WRC Zero 8860


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Stilo Venti WRC Zero 8860 rally helmet

Stilo Venti WRC Zero 8860-2018 has a new shell design to fit the new new Stilo WL wirelesss communication system. The Stilo Zero helmet has been design to be the ultimate weight saving while exceeding the ultra stringent FIA 8860-2018 requirements for safety.
Strongest and lightest rally intercom helmet on the market. It has an adjustable Microphone: WRC Rally Zero is fitted with a new easily adjustable microphone holder. All it takes to change the position of the microphone is to remove the holder padding and to insert spacers that move the microphone 5, 10 or 15 mm closer to the mouth.
Earmuffs: Noise attenuating which reduces ambient noise which can be problematic in competition cars, integrated speakers for optimum comfort on longer stages.
EPS Cheek pads: WRC Rally is the only helmet on the market, fitted both with earmuffs and EPS (expandable polystyrene) cheek pads. The use of EPS cheek pads ensures better protection in case of lateral impacts.
Adjustable Peak: The peak can be raised and lowered to give the driver clear visibility even when the sun is on the horizon.
The Stilo Venti WRC Rally Zero 8860 Carbon Helmet, as with all the ‘Zero” helmets in Stilo’s line up has been developed for the most discerning competitor. The redesigned Carbon fibre shell is constructed using PURO technology which removes the need for a clear coat to be applied. This further reduces the weight making it the lightest rally helmet available which can hugely reduce muscle fatigue.



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