Schuberth SP1 Rear Spoiler




Schuberth SP1 Rear Spoiler

The Schuberth SP1 Rear Spoiler is a rear spoiler designed to provide better airflow for drivers driving open cars. It is fixed with double-sided tape, which is put on upon receipt. Schuberth has made this aerodynamic spoiler so that it directs the wind as best as possible outside the helmet.

It is not possible to buy an original Schuberth rear spoiler that the Redbull Formula 1 Team uses, as they are self-developed. The Schuberth SP1 is the only rear spoiler from Schuberth.

Nature. code: 1010008091

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Schuberth helmet sizes SK1

52-53 (XXS), 54-55 (XS), 56 (S), 57 (M), 58-59 (L), 59+ (L+)