Schuberth SF3


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Schuberth SF3 helmet

The ultimate in SCHUBERTH racing helmet technology is the SF3 ABP. An exquisitely crafted work of art designed to meet the new FIA top-tier helmet standard 8860-2018 ABP. With the custom-made program offered by SCHUBERTH SF3 ABP, drivers can customize the helmet to meet their comfort and functional requirements. Our skilled SCHUBERTH technicians, who have been collaborating with the best drivers, achieve optimal customization. Additionally, for unparalleled strength and safety, the Schuberth SF3 ABP Carbon boasts a special multi-layer composite shell with variable thicknesses. The SF3 ABP is the ideal vehicle for racing drivers who expect nothing less than the best because of its sophisticated aerodynamics, which offer exceptional stability at high speeds.

The main materials of the Schuberth SF3 motorsport helmet are four carbon fabrics and T1000 fabric. This specific fabric is frequently utilized in the aerospace engineering field and in the manufacture of Formula 1 single-seater helmets. With a variety of aerodynamic extensions and air intakes (spoons, dividers, and ailerons), the SF3 can be customized to the specific requirements of both the driver and the vehicle. By doing this, the helmet can achieve ideal aerodynamics and offer an optimal and customized level of protection and performance.


  • Inner lining in BLACK nomex
  • Light smoked visor + Pinlock 120 lense
  • Clear reinforced lever for visor
  • Clear tear-off buttons
  • Black visor’s screws
  • 1 Clear visor mirrored at choice: Blue, Red, Silver
  • Racing Helmet bag
  • Helmet pouch
  • Schuberth visor sticker
  • Schuberth logo kit
  • Microfabric cloth

Schuberth Accessories:

  • HANS clips silver
  • HANS clips blue
  • Locking cam black
  • Silver screws
  • Inner linings: White / Light Grey / Dark  Grey / Yellow / Orange / Red / Blue / Green – 200 Euro extra – See below.

Schuberth colors

The helmet shell’s four distinct carbon fabrics, hand-laid carbon, autoclave-cured carbon fiber craftsmanship, and unique light weight, solidity, and safety are all features of this design. Max Verstappen, the most recent World Champion, is one of the Formula 1 drivers who dons this recognizable, hand-made helmet. Its carbon stratification and low weight solid construction make it a very durable and distinctive helmet.

The expertly crafted motorsport helmet, created through extensive wind tunnel testing, offers an ideal aerodynamic balance and can be tailored with different ventilation scoops and spoilers to meet the demands of every kind of racing. To achieve optimal aerodynamics, it has exhaust vents in the back, a large chin vent, and an integrated cool air intake in the front.

With its large chin vent, integrated air intake in the front, and exhaust vents in the back, the SF3 ABP ultimate carbon helmet is built for maximum airflow. The ventilation system of the helmet maximizes cooling without compromising aerodynamics.

The SF3 ABP is a 3 mm thick visor that comes in 12 colors, including transparent, dark, and mirror options. The company’s experience with Formula 1 served as inspiration. Additionally, Pinlock 120 lens technology is included with the visor for effective fog resistance.

The cheek pads of the SF3 ABP have cable channels, making radio communications installation simple. Additionally, a wide range of plug-and-play integrated electronics are offered.

The SF3 ABP satisfies or exceeds the most stringent safety requirements, such as those of the FIA 8860-2018 standard. It has an EPS foam inner liner that absorbs shock and disperses energy in the event of an impact. In the event of an accident, the emergency release system on the helmet makes removal quick and simple.

The included cheek pads come in various thicknesses, allowing you to customize the anatomically correct and comfortable fit of the SF3 ABP. The helmet is compatible with a variety of sunglasses and prescription eyewear, and the wide eye port openings provide excellent peripheral vision.

One of the best motorsport helmets available is the Schuberth SF3 ABP Carbon. SCHUBERTH has been creating head protection devices for almost a century, and for the past 20 years, it has been giving the best and most innovative helmets to drivers competing in Formula One, IndyCar, and other top series. A great option for a motorsport helmet is the Schuberth SF3 ABP Carbon because of its excellent comfort, external finish, and attention to detail. It is a technological powerhouse thanks to its numerous features, which include its autoclave carbon shell, lightweight construction, 3D-injected visor, and ventilation channels. It is the ideal option for any racer due to its optional communication system and aerodynamics tested in a wind tunnel. The Schuberth SF3 ABP Carbon helmet is the best option available, so stop your search right here.


Additional information

Schuberth helmet sizes SF3

57 (M), 58 (L)