Schuberth – HC – Clear mirrored multilayer Blue visor




Schuberth – HC – Clear mirrored multilayer Blue visor

The new Schuberth HC-Clear mirrored multilayer blue visor is a transparent blue multilayer visor.

The new technology provides high contrast, as Schuberth has used a technology that provides greater contrast between colors, which some also know from ski goggles. This increases the sharpness and the small nuances on the pitch.

The visor is a 3 mm thick visor and gives a 3D effect. The visor has been developed with Formula 1 expertise.

All visors have pinklock, which is used to lock the visor.

The visor comes in a small soft visor bag, which protects the visor when it is not in the bag.

The visor fits all Schuberth models.

Nature. code: 1010008205

Additional information

Schuberth helmet sizes SK1

52-53 (XXS), 54-55 (XS), 56 (S), 57 (M), 58-59 (L), 59+ (L+)