Custom helmet design




Custom helmet design by NJ Design

Are you interested in having your helmet designed by us? Then you can put this product in the basket and we reach out to you after.
We have made helmet designs since 2009 for drivers all over the world and at all levels. Feel free to reach out to us by adding the product to the basket, by email, Instagram, Facebook, WeChat or WhatsApp.
You should consider following:
  • Helmet brand
  • Helmet model
  • Aerodynamic kits like rear and front spoiler
  • Name (optional)
  • Colors (optional)
  • Patterns (optional) – Search inspiration by our current design or on – Vector files is needed.
  • Logos in vector (optional) – Personal or sponsor logos. Name is included, custom brand logos is extra costs.
  • Helmet reference (optional) – We don’t copy other helmet artist and painter, but we can get inspired by your wishes. You can find inspiration in our other work here.

Design process:

Based on you request we will first design the side of the helmet. You will take part of the proces online only. We will send drafts by email. Hereafter you give feedback and we continue the design proces step-by-step. When you are happy with the side, we design the front of the helmet. Then we move the to top after. To end with we design the rear view. When you have approved all 4 views we put it together with a short discription which can be used for the painter.

Paint serivce and helmets:

We have teamed up with professional painters in Europe. We arrange the booking and take care of the proces. You don’t need to worry about anything – We will handle it. We have access to Bell, Arai and Stilo so we can send it to the painter. You can also buy the helmets from our shop.

Payment for paint should always be made by a bank transfer. We will send you the invoice when you have accepted the final price and delivery time.

We can also organize helmet, design, paint etc on one invoice. Let us know your details. If you have a company we will need company name, VAT number and address.

Which helmets model do we use:

When having us to design your helmet you choose which helmet model within brands of Bell, Arai and Stilo. For other brands, we charge a start-up fee to create a template that fits your helmet model. If its made before by us, you will of course not pay extra.

Alternative payment options:

We can also send you an invoice if you prefer having it to your company and will pay make a bank transfer.
The helmet design is a custom helmet design for Mikkel Jensen, which is only an image to illustrate a final helmet design. This design is not for sale.