Arai GP-7 SCR


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Arai GP-7 SCR helmet and ABT version

Arai GP-7 SCR is the new carbon helmets from Arai Helmets for car racing. The helmet conforms the new FIA standard 8860-2018, which is the safest one of its kind in the top-end of helmets on the market.

This helmet has an incredible strength to its shell which is made on Carbon Fibre. Read more technical informations here.

The Arai GP-7 SCR is for car racing the the ABT version is for formula racing. The difference between the two helmet is the ABT version has about 1 cm smaller gab in the visor field vertical wise. This is due to flying objects in formula racing. The ABT also stands for Advanced Ballistic Protection and is a protection again flying projectiles.


These models comes without mounted top vents fitted. In each helmet box you will find various ventilation ducts so you can add them depend on which type of racing car you are driving and after your preferences. Included is:

• Performance Enhancement Device (PED) kit (spoiler set front and rear)
• Screw Kit (4 x torx, 4 x washer & 1 x pressure plate set)
• Vent kit (7 x Tear Duct, 2 x TDF3, 1 x XDB2)
• Post anchor set
• Torx (T20) screwdriver
• Sticker set (2 x 11cm, 2 x 9cm w/masking film for custom painting, 2 x 5.5cm)
• Clear visor. Colored visors can be added here.

Be aware that the helmet is only available in XS, Small, Medium and Large. Large is only size 59, and not 59-60.

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Arai GP-7

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