Helmet designs by NJ Design from 2018. Below you will see different race drivers helmet designs. They have been a part of each decision.

Arai helmet design
Arai helmet designArai helmet designArai helmet design

Robin Särg

Driver: Robin Särg The helmet for Robin is a casino inspired helmet design. Robin is driving karting in Estonia. Country: Estonia Helmet Description:  Helmet type: Arai SK-6 Main colours: Gloss  Metallic black Chrome red Chrome light blue Chrome Pinstripes colours: Silver vinyl flakes Blue vinyl flakes Black Shadow colours: White Black Logo:  NJ Design R. Särg…

Daniel Lames Bell helmet design
Daniel Lames Bell helmet designDaniel Lames Bell helmet designDaniel Lames Bell helmet design

Daniel Lamas

Driver: Daniel Lamas The design for Daniel Lamas is inspired by his first design when it comes to the colors. Also wanted his design to be inspired by the helmets from Fernando Alonso. Country: Mexico Helmet Description:  Helmet type: Bell RS-7K Main colours: Gloss Pearl white Tyrkish blue Dark blue Red Pinstripes colours: White Vinyl silver…

Bell rs7 pro helmet design
Bell rs7 pro helmet designBell rs7 pro helmet designBell rs7 pro helmet design

Kevin Verner

Driver: Kevin Verner The new design for Kevin Verner is based on his design we did for him two years ago. With a more modern and fresh look we have also changed the colors but kept the chrome as a main part of the design. Kevin have been driving SuperTourisme the last two years and…