The custom helmet design is designed for Robin Särg. The design is made on an Arai SK-6 helmet with gloss finish. Below is a description of the helmet design.

Helmet colours:

  • Blue chrome with light blue sun flair pattern
  • Chrome with glitter flakes on top
  • Gold chrome

Pinstripes colors:

  • Vinyl red flakes
  • Vinyl gold flakes

Shadow colors:

  • Black
  • White


  • R. Särg in vinyl silver flakes
  • 36 in vinyl gold flakes and black
  • Diamond on front in chrome gold
  • Las Vegas on front
  • Poker chips on sides
  • Jackpot logo on back
  • Dice on back
  • Cards on back with the front card with Estonia colors (blue, black and white)
  • NJ Design