The custom helmet design is designed for Oliver Wadstrup. The design is made on an Arai CK-6 helmet with gloss finish. Below is a description of the helmet design.

Helmet colours:

  • White
  • Magenta
  • Light blue chrome
  • Dark blue chrome

Pinstripes colors:

  • Vinyl silver flakes
  • Magenta
  • Dark blue chrome

Shadow colors:

  • Grey
  • Black
  • White

Pattern colors:

  • OW pattern in mixed color of white and light blue.


  • Danish flag in red vinyl flakes and white
  • WADSTRUP in dark blue fading into the custom color from the OW pattern
  • Arai logo
  • Oliver in dark blue
  • Irish flag in chrome green and chrome orange
  • 17 in blue chrome with vinyl silver flakes outline
  • NJ Design in white