Custom helmet design for Mikkel Jensen is made for Le Mans 2024. The design is made on a Bell HP7 carbon helmet with matt finish. Below is a description of the helmet design.

Helmet colours:

  • Pearl white
  • French flag from the front to the back

Pinstripes colors:

  • Black
  • Red metallic
  • Blue metallic
  • Vinyl silver flakes


  • Drop shadows
  • Red metallic
  • Blue metallic


  • Peugeot pattern in French colors
  • Triangle patterns in light grey metallic


  • Danish flag
  • M. Jensen
  • Peugeot Sport
  • Peugeot tiger in vinyl silver flakes
  • Bell Helmets
  • Team Peugeot Total Energies
  • 24 Hours Le Mans logo in vinyl silver flakes
  • NJ Design