Driver: Hanze Yonglin

Hanze Younglin is a 6 years old karting driver from China. His father Liu has requested a design for his son with white, dark gray and light blue with Chinese elements. Liu wants his design to make the same as his son but with different colors. You can check this out as well in our 2018 album.

Country: China

Helmet Description: 

Helmet type: Arai CK-6

Main colours: Gloss

  • Dark gray
  • Light blue metallic with glitter
  • Pearl white with glitter

Pinstripes colours:

  • Gold
  • Red vinyl flakes
  • Black
  • White

Shadow colours:

  • Black

Pattern colours:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Gold dragon
  • Chinese flag and English flag

Special colour effect can be seen here.