Helmet design for Axel Gnos

Helmet design for Axel Gnos is made on an Bell HP7 F1 helmet with gloss finish. Below is a description of the custom helmet design.

Helmet Description: 

Helmet type: Bell HP7 F1

Main helmet colors: 

  • Dark blue with star effects
  • White metallic
  • Purple metallic fading into blue on the top
  • Red

Pinstripes colors:

  • Pink (bold lines)
  • Metallic purple (thin lines)
  • Metallic purple (bold lines)

Shadows colors:

  • Black
  • White
  • Pink
  • Metallic purple

Logo and other:

  • AXEL GNOS name in white metallic with metallic purple outline
  • Swiss landscape on the back
  • AG logo on top in pink, black and white with black drop shadow