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Sparco Superleggera black and grey fireprof racing suit

The Sparco Superleggera suit is a racing suit designed for motorsports that require high levels of protection and performance. The Superleggera suit is one of the lightest suits in Sparco’s range, thanks to the use of advanced materials and construction techniques.

The Superleggera suit is made from a combination of Nomex and ultra-lightweight fabrics, which reduces weight and increases breathability. This makes it a popular choice for racing in hot and humid conditions.

The suit features an anatomical design, which is tailored to fit the driver’s body and reduce wind resistance. It also features pre-curved arms and legs for improved mobility and comfort.

The Superleggera suit is fully homologated to meet FIA safety standards, ensuring that it provides the highest levels of protection in the event of an accident. It features multi-layer construction, with reinforced seams and padding in key areas to protect against impact and abrasion.

Other features of the Sparco Superleggera suit include:

  • Stretch panels for improved comfort and fit
  • External pockets for storing important documents or tools
  • Nomex cuffs and collar for additional fire protection
  • Breathable inserts for improved ventilation

Overall, the Sparco Superleggera suit is a high-performance racing suit that provides both comfort and protection for the driver. Its lightweight construction and advanced features make it a popular choice for competitive motorsports.

FIA 8856-2018 approved

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