Driver: Nicolaj Kandborg

Country: Denmark

Helmet Description: 

Nicolaj Kandborg has been our client for several years through karting and his first year of racing cars last year in 2016. This year he has upgraded his design to an even more detail full design with lots of great effect which definitely will stand out from the crowd. You can find his latest design from us in the 2014 album. Nicolaj has shown good results in karting and last year in Formula FDM, and this year it will be great to follow him again.

Helmet type: Arai GP-6S

Main colours: Overall gloss

  • Chrome
  • Red Chrome
  • Pearl white

Pinstripes colours:

  • Red vinyl glitter
  • Black

Scallop colours:

  • Black
  • White
  • Gold

Name colours: Nicolaj Kandborg

  • Gold with a black outline

Special colour effect can be seen here.