Helmet design for Michael Wang

Helmet design for Michael Wang is made on a Bell Helmet HP7 with a gloss finish. Below is a description of the custom helmet design.

Helmet Description: 

Main helmet colors: 

  • Light blue metallic
  • Tifanny blue metallic
  • Vermillion red
  • Black metallic
  • Candy silver
  • Purple metallic in the black

Pinstripes colors:

  • Stroke around black elements is silver metallic shadows
  • Vermillion red

Shadow colors:

  • Dark drop shadows
  • White and black shadows

Pattern colors:

  • MW logo in vermillion red in black areas
  • Top pattern: Vinyl silver flakes lines and stars with metallic purple drop shadow


  • MW logo in front of the helmet in candy silver with drop shadow
  • M. Wang logo in white/gray fade with metallic light blue stroke
  • 27 in light blue metallic fading to tifanny blue metallic with white line and black shadow
  • WENG logo in silver vinyl flakes with black line and black drop shadow
  • “Sparkle in the sky..” logo in vinyl light blue flakes with drop shadows
  • Bell logo with black shadow around