Car livery

We do car livery. Lot of racing drivers and teams know the problem the met when they have to get their car design made. The problem is that its hard to do themself. The process with wrapping companies is often slow when it comes to designing process which can take several weeks or month. We are only focusing on the design process. Thats why we are specialized in custom racing liveries and other racing designs. Our focus is only on doing racing designs, not painting, wrapping etc. We normally uses less that 2 weeks to make a complete custom car livery design.

Car design process

Our design process is fast and we tries to communicate as much as possible with the client. This to get them involved with inputs and opinion. We normally works in the evenings and weekend to make the process and fast as fast as possible.

Where we started

As a former racing drivers in both karting and formula sport, we know all about racing designs. NJ Design has the knowledge about how drivers wants to be unique in the field but also what it design-wise takes to look professional and integrate the sponsors wishes. With over 8 years in the field we have build on different services after demands and what we are the best at, racing designs.

Racing livery designs

We have made a few racing liveries over the year and here is some of them below

car livery design